A new writing project by artist and writer Christian Patracchini.
Knots is a collection of aphorisms, one line verses and fragments. Written amid the active passage between movement and movement of thought, this mingled patchwork seeks to invent a topology rather than a geometry of knowledge. The book is assembled from combining relational improvisation through sound, movement, architecture and new media. The result is a series of events in the making, a nexus of tempos, capsules of intensity that foreground the process of perception taking form.


Product Description


“Knots is life distilled to its very essences, bits and pieces of perception that hold the world together.” 
Richard Skinner

“Hypersensitive to the eye, responsive to the hand, Knots eschews the real for the might be.”
Maria Fusco

“A book of blank pages punctually marked by verses and broken verses. A book where single verses appear on each page, traced as one line that emerges out of the white and is eaten again by it; or interrupted in the middle by hyphens, colons, semi-colons as breaks, pauses, breathing in and out of the page, in and out of our reading-listening minds. Terse remarks make the absurdity of the real tangible, as we witness the shaping and unshaping of forms in the exacting materiality of language.
Daniela Cascella